Killbox (Sirantha Jax, #4) - Ann Aguirre

Man oh man, did this book ever annoy the crap out of me.

While I still enjoy the series, this book has my fangirl status on hiatus. Much the same way that March places his love life at every possible turn.

So this story revolves around the growing Morgut threat, and how Jax, March, and everyone else (plus some random new guy who I can't figure out but seems to be all powerful) set out to fight them. The alliance with Ithiss-Tor is a go, and the Conglomerate is trying to make a comeback after being dormant and useless for so long. The focus in this whole book is military and war efforts, and instead of it being believable, it became a source of intense annoyance for me.

One of the things I am so very sick of is the way March and Jax are broken apart in every book!!! The issues are just total bullshit in my opinion. This time it's that they are going to war and March is a higher rank than her. He doesn't want to have the other people thinking she's getting special treatment because they are lovers (married more like from the way they talk). This is bogus because they are building the fucking armada themselves!!!! So it's not as if they built it, it was functioning properly for years, and then BAM! The head honcho screws an underling. It was a known relationship to everybody before there was any real war effort. Ugh, just pissed me off so very, very much. I could not see Barrons or Curran ever doing that to their women.

Another thing that I really took issue with was March giving Jax the title of Lieutenant Commander, and then referring to her as LC. Are you fucking kidding me?! That is so disrespectful, and then to have the entire crew refer to her as such grated on my last nerve every time I was forced to read it. Every. Time.

Further into my unhappiness with this book is how March tells Jax they can't be together and blah blah blah, but when they doc on Venice Minor he gets it on with her ASAP! Then rationalizes it that they're on leave so it's ok. Because that makes total fucking sense. Except it doesn't. I don't even want to keep explaining why that issue pissed me off so bad because I'm still too pissed off about it. March was on shaky ground with me on the last book (well and the end of book two in fairness), but this one got his ass kicked off my favorite male list in a hurry. Why isn't Jax with Vel at this point anyway?! How many times does she have to allude to him being more than a friend and what not before we are taken on that ride?!

I read a great review that pointed out how Aquirre has limited herself to the first person in a bad way. She actually has Jax spying on her crew mates just so that we get to hear little tidbits and whatever they're discussing. Doc and Rose in particular annoyed me because Rose was so hateful towards Jax (and without good reason for the record) and then suddenly all this time seems to pass on ship and she's left with only Jax as a friend. So of course Jax has to spy on her to learn the outcome of what was confided to her. Of course.

And just for the record, all the times that Jax has said how she is bad luck, or has brought such hardships to people/places, or that she should be treated like shit (like during the underground scenes on Lanchion) I don't get any of that. It's annoying! She didn't know about the issues on Lanchion when she landed and was attacked right then, so how could they sit there and blame HER and then she AGREES?! Those things annoy the crap out of me.

There are still things that I like, as in Dina, and there are still humorous moments from time to time. Then there's the fact that we do get to see Jax evolve as a that's all good...but overall this book was not only the weakest, but had I not had hope the last books would be better I might just drop it. It took forever to read too when the other three were eaten up so fast.

I've got nothing else, lol.