The Bone Season  - Samantha Shannon


Curse you Samantha Shannon!!! You go and create this amazingly original book, and then make me wait for the rest?! I'm not going to make it. If you need me to *ahem* check the future books for...something...I'm more than willing. Jus'sayin. Now on to the book review!!

All clairvoyance was prohibited, of course, but the kind that made money was a downright sin. They had a special term for it: mime-crime.

This story is incredibly original (for me), and really intense! Though I really loved it, there are some issues that you should be prepared for. There are a lot of new terms introduced, and very little explanation, but trying to use the word in the sentence doesn't always help, nor does the Kindle provide definitions. If you're reading the print version though, you might have an easier time because there are glossaries (one at the start, and one at the end, so there's plenty of definitions, lol, and they are very needed). This might be my biggest complaint, though as you can tell, it didn't stop me from loving this story at all.

There is also a lot of info-dumping, and it's so fast that it feels pretty awkward at times. For example, when I was only at 11% I had learned so much that I was getting a little confused. This is something I'm sure that as the author gets more experienced will become much better. All this aside, I was still able to become completely engrossed in this book, and still hate that it's over. For me, that will prove that the book is good, because I've been far less forgiving of these kinds of issues in other books. Make sense? I hope so.

The story is set in the future, the year 2056 to be exact, and in this world there has been an "epidemic" of clairvoyance! However, as you have probably guessed by the use of 'epidemic' the people who have these gifts are not embraced by the rest of the public. They are feared and treated like criminals, which funnily enough, leads them to become criminals as part of different syndicates.

Our protagonist, Paige, is pretty wonderful. She's tough, likeable, intense, and I love her. The gang that Paige belongs to is widely known to be one of the best, and has some of the best types of voyants to back up this fame. Paige herself is one of the rarest voyants who can actually see people's dreamscapes, and that is how she ends up captured and going through an intense adventure.

There is the very beginnings of a romance here, and one that I thought I would see coming, and then kept changing my mind about because Paige seemed to buck the cliches, but in the end, I'm glad it worked out how it did. [a:Samantha Shannon|5830526|Samantha Shannon|] can write tension like a pro, and even though it was barely more than a kiss, I was over the moon, and crushed at the same time. Well done Ms. Shannon, well done!

I think it unfair to put a comparison to J. K. Rowling on her shoulders, but Ms. Shannon is definitely an author I think will become a name in and of herself. She's one that I have on my radar and will follow this series with rabid fangirl need.

To attempt to surmise my point here, I would say that this is one of the series to watch, and I predict it will be huge! I recommend it to everyone who likes originality, strong heroines, scary villains, swoon-worthy/smexy/surprising love interests, and a story that won't let go.