Rebel Heart (Dust Lands, #2) - Moira Young We pick up where we left off with Saba and Lugh reunited and on the move out west with Emmi and Tommo. Unfortunately they end up traveling through the Waste, which I pictured looked a lot like the Sahara, and slowly Saba unravels. Her demons nip at her heals, and her relationship with her beloved twin is nothing like it was. When Saba gets wind that Jack needs her help she dashes off to save him which with her family hot on her tracks. Fierce battles, love, and action ensue with Saba farther away than ever from solving her problems.

So. Saba. She made so many bad choices here that I was getting frustrated with her pretty often. Why she thinks she could take off and not expect her family to be scared for her is beyond me, no matter what she and Lugh are going through. The whole reason for their estrangement was his being taken, and then for her to keep running out and not saying a thing, but then wondering why he would be upset, was stupid. Don't get me wrong, I still essentially like Saba, but for crying out loud, she was annoying in this book a lot! I felt just as confused about some things as she did because she was never able to work through a single problem! Nothing is better and everything is so much worse. I was not pleased with the ending either. Not even a little bit.

I am not a fan. At all. I don't even know what to say about him right now since I'm still angry at his whole attitude through this whole thing. All Saba and Emmi went through for him and he's nothing but a dick the whole time.

I like her more and more and I think she is going to be something amazing when she's grown. I would read a series with her as the main character.

Wow, did not see all that comin! I have to put him in a grey zone though because I don't know quite how I feel about him. On one hand I want him to toughen up and stop sniveling since he expects to be treated like an adult, and on the other I like that he still has these softer feelings and wants to belong. I guess I would expect someone to have been through what he's been through to be tougher, and he can't seem to decide which way he should be mostly. I thought he would be paired up with Emmi when the time came though. Interesting turn of events with him that's for sure.

Admittedly I had to reread BRR to get the details fresh in my mind, and I was loving him at the end, but this book was different. I'm not a big fan. I don't dislike him, but I don't exactly like him either. I think that he's...something...bad...for Saba. I'm not sure how to say it. I like that he's wild like she is, but I don't like anything that he did really. I wasn't swooning for him at all, and in fact, the end made me a bit annoyed and frustrated at Saba. He is firmly in the grey zone for me now.

Seth was a revelation to me, and is the one I'm rooting for oddly. Could be the fact that I'm all for his vision for the world, albeit I wouldn't go about it the same way, but hey, it's not my life story is it?! I loved the scene in the tent. Loved it. I always knew there would be a triangle with him in it, and as of the end of book two he's got my vote hands down. Though, in fairness, I think he needs to cool it with wanting Saba to wear the dresses, lol. what on Earth is the first time mark supposed to look like anyway?!

All in all I think this a wonderful second installment, and I like the way Young knows how to make me really feel conflicted, but there were a few things that left me wanting more (like Saba's spirit journey that went nowhere). I'll most certainly anxiously await the last book (I hope it's not as long as this one was), and see myself checking out any further projects Young delivers.