Stone Guardian  - Danielle Monsch

4 1/2 Stars!

Danielle Monsch, were you reading my mind when you decided to write this?! You must have been because this book has everything I need to make me love a story! Badass characters, humor, shmexy men, shmexy women, intelligent main characters, sex (wink wink), and a world that I want more and more from.

The story starts with the human realm and magic realm colliding, and suddenly there are mythical creatures running amok in the streets! Orcs, werewolves was Wulver the were that helped Jack?! That was never clear to me, and more all suddenly show up and it's utter chaos in the streets. All Jack Miller is trying to do is make it to the hospital where his wife was in labor when the world turned on it's head, and once there he finds out that his fifth child is their only girl, but that he'll no longer have his wife around to help raise her.

It's been 26 years since the Great Collision (for the record, Ris' age is one of the other things I loved), and Larissa has grown up ignorant of the mystical races now sharing the world with her. She's a history teacher in a human-only city, and her father and brothers have always been exceedingly overprotective of her. In her desire to not upset her father she never questioned not leaving the safety of the city, or learning about the other races. Until the zombie attack.

There's really nothing not to like about the characters in this story. Larissa is really level headed, and pragmatic, Terak is sensitive alpha male, Fallon is fucking amazing, and the support cast all managed to pique my interest.

I've decided to add Terak to my list of boyfriends, and I know it sounds odd to add a gargoyle, but just wait, he's all kinds of yummy in that shifter-alpha way so many of my men have. He's no Curran or Barrons, but who is?!

Fallon needs to have her own series. She reminds me of all the long series' heroines I adore: Kate Daniels, Rachel Morgan, Sookie Stackhouse, Allie Beckstrom, well you get the idea. I would love to have series as long as those ones featuring Fallon. There's a ridiculous amount of story that this world can produce, and I love it!

Now, with all this praise, be aware that there are mistakes in this book. A lot of minor editing mistakes that should have been caught, but they're not enough to detract from the story, just enough to distract your eyes while you're reading. So that is annoying, I know, but my love of the story allowed me to not get very hung up on them. However, this was a copy from Netgalley and I don't think the version you would buy from a retailer would have these mistakes.

This story is all about family, adventure, love, sacrifice, and making your own path in the world. It was a really fun ride to take, and I can't wait to see what else is in store for me in the amazing world Monsch has brought to life!