Amazon Queen - Lori Devoti I was really not impressed with this novel for several reasons. While the idea of the book was intriguing to me, the author just wasn't able to really bring it life. I'm having trouble finding the right words to explain why I didn't like this for some reason.

It's a story about Amazons but it didnt really come across that way to me. It was like being an Amazon was secondary, or minor, instead of the main focus. I have re-written this several times trying to find the words, but I keep starting over because it's kind of dificult to fully explain it. I just thought that the character development was extremely lacking, and the pace was slow and dragging, there wasn't enough time spent on the culture represented, or the relationships presented. They just didn't make sense and I kept waiting for the author to explain things fully, which never happened.

The only reason why I didn't give this a one star was because I take that seriously, and I do think that this could have potential if the author just......something...took more time? I'm not sure. This is not a book I would recommend though.