Magic On The Hunt - Devon Monk It's strange how I seem to always set myself up to be dissapointed in this series, when in fact, I love it. I end up suprised and sad everytime I finish with Allie. I dont know why I havent figured out how much I like this series lol. I never expect to like s/l that are set in my time (I like ones that ARE set in my time to be fantastical in nature I guess), and these are so subtle....its great writing with a great set of characters. I tear up and laugh out loud when reading them. Zay and Allie break my heart, and Shame makes me shake my head at him. I cant figure out him and Terric though which does kind of annoy me, but thats one of those slow threads to keep working on while the series continues....and I hope to have many more adventures with them all!