Feed - Mira Grant Wow, this book took me by suprise! I have never read a zombie book, and wasn't too sure what to think about this one. The synopsis was intriguing, but zombies? I'm so glad that I didnt let that stop me, because this book was awesome! Don't let the zombies throw you off too if you are on the fence. They were almost like background noise and not the main point of the story.

We get to tag along with a brother and sister as they hit the campaign trail in a world where people don't gather anymore. They are bloggers, and the story is peppered with their site's blogs posts, but that just added to my enjoyment of the whole thing. I admit that sometimes the book was a little slow, but that could easily be simply because I have no interests in politics to begin with.

I really enjoy books that force people to have a significant change to the way they live and think. That is one of the reasons I like Kim Harrison's Hollows stories so much; I love tomatoes. In the world Grant takes us to there is no more cancer and never again do people suffer from the common cold! Those wonderful cures have unexpected side effects and insane complications that make living more of game of chicken than anything else. They cant eat meat anymore because it may cause them to become zombies. They have their hands pricked by needles so often that I wonder how they stay sane.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story, and bought the second in the trilogy right after I finished it. Do yourself a favor and take a ride with Shaun and George!