Amaretto Flame - Sammie Spencer The title of this book should be changed. I was so incredibly tired of the amaretto references, and the fact that it makes it sounds like this will be a book about some trashy romance, instead of witches fighting evil to save humans. In fact, the amaretto is introduced via Olivia having the drink at a bar, and then the references switch over to Jackson's eyes. It was really annoying to me.

The story has a good premise, but I don't think it was done very well. There was little to no depth in the characters or the world they lived in. There is a brief backstory about how the bad guys became bad, but it was never really explored, and in the same vein Olivia refers to people as "humans", but the Wise Ones are not shown to be any different other than having magic. I wanted more explanation about that because each time Olivia referenced "humans" it threw me off, and made me wonder how they were not human.

The backstory for the main characters could be good, but it was not given any depth either, and I never felt connected to anyone throughout the entire book. Basically, this story was just okay given the way it is presented, but I think it could be much better than it was. I would recommend it to someone who needed to kill some time and wanted a fast story that wouldn't invest too much of themselves in.