Silent Blade - Ilona Andrews I paraphrase the whole thing so don't read it if you don't want to be a little spoiled. I can't even wrap my mind around the glowing reviews this got. The magic I expect from them is not present at all. This was just horrible.

What a let down! I expect a whole lot better from these two, and this book was not only a let down from a known-to-be-good "author", but it was a let down in the world of books as well. If that made any sense.

This is a very short read, and I think I had it finished in about 3 hours or so. There is almost no story here. The world building is non existent and the characters are one dimensional.

Here's how it goes down: Girl is betrothed and groomed to be his wife. Told she isn't pretty, but that men will go to great lengths to get her in their beds when she is grown. The people are enhanced and dominate the financial aspect of society (I guess), but there is nothing about the rest of the world. So, girl ends up not getting married because boy finds a way to make his family not make him, and then she tries to talk him out of it he accuses her of begging and storms off. Girl is so destroyed that she becomes her family's assassin because she is a mysterious "melder", but don't expect to find out what that really is or why it's so rare. Girl's family tells her to come out of retirement and kill boy. She decides that she wants to get it on with him because she has always wanted to, and then he will be sad when she leaves him. They get it on before he even knows her name and then a little bit later she leaves him. He finds out who she is and then quits his "job" to woo her back. Boy's family is super mad, and 2 years pass before girl just pops up again and says she loves him. He loves her too so they hold each other. The end.

Now you don't have to waste your money on it.