The Book of Lost Souls (Ivy MacTavish, #1) - Michelle Muto Maybe closer to 2.5 stars...maybe.

I had totally forgotten that I even had this book sitting in my Kindle waiting for me, until I had begun a search for a read I knew would be satisfying. I'm pretty sick of this streak I've been on with books and I just wanted a story that would take me away. I thought this one might be pretty funny since it says she turned a lizard into a date, and there was humor in here sometimes, but mostly I found myself very annoyed with the lack of consistency in details both major and minor. So much so that I took almost 40 notes, and 16 pages of highlighted scenes. Most of the notes point out the little inconsistencies, but several simply say WTF.

Everything starts when Ivy, the witch, decides to make her friend's lizard human to be her date to a school dance, instead of going with Nick who had asked her twice before. She goes on this mental tangent about how she can't trust him because his father was friends with her father, and he is trouble because he's a demon and a player. I thought it was pretty weak, but whatever. I assume only about 30 minutes (but probably less) pass at the dance before everything goes haywire. Let me make a side note real quick right now. I had the impression that this was a town in which the humans (called Regulars *eye roll*) were all aware of the supernatural, AKA Kindred *eye roll*, but come to find out they don't. That would be because the mysterious council (comprised of what races I'll never know, although I assume "spell castors", but wouldn't a governing body of supernaturals need representatives from all races?) goes around erasing people's memories left right and center. Or so it is assumed. There is even an acronym given for the use of magic; PDMA-Public Display of Magical Ability, and how the Kindred tried to curb doing it so as to keep with peace with Regulars. They say they don't want to upset the Regulars and have them be envious of the fact that they don't really need gas to run their cars, or do anything manual, but also to avoid another battle between the races. There isn't too much on the battle mentioned really, and I disregarded it after a bit.

Anyway, sorry, so I was saying that they are all at the dance when a "senile" werewolf just happens to waltz in and plop down on the dance floor with a human bone is his mouth. This turns out to be her friends' uncle, and they go to get the bone out of his mouth while the Regulars commence to freaking out. Running for the exits, wondering if they'll be chewed up next, and just generally acting like they're all going to die.

"The remaining Regulars continued to scream and race around in circles. Every Kindred capable of magic was busy hurling Calming spells, Cloaking spells, Memory Spells--anything to regain control of the situation. Tables and chairs were sent flying, sending drinks and snacks everywhere.

Raven's observation that the Regulars had lost it was an understatement.

Most of the Regulars who lived in Northwick for any length of time were used to a lot of strange things. Usually, they chose to ignore it, or maybe they didn't see it, no one knew for certain. Regulars had a way of seeing only what they wanted. At least that's what many of the Kindreds thought."

So I guess I just didn't understand why there was supposed to be all this secrecy with something and human's memories had to be wiped, because after this part (7% through) there is instances left, right, and center of people arbitrarily using magic in full view of anyone. It really got on my nerves. I would have much preferred to think that the whole town was aware and got along the way townspeople do, but no. Instead there are witches, weres, vampires (oh and Raven and her family only drink from dead people...), zombies-yes really, as well as demons, and trolls all live in secret in such a small town. There is even a witches spell casting practice club, and Ivy opens her locker with a flick of her fingers, Nick makes lights flicker and lockers rumble when he walks away in a huff, a teacher even casts a spell from a school window.

Another thing that really got to me was Ivy. I found her to be really annoying and immature and wanted to slap her around several times. Even just thinking of the plethora of material I can provide to illustrate why I found her so annoying annoys me, haha. She just can't seem to make a single good decision or act with any maturity when faced with issues that are so obviously over her head, and not her business, or place, to mess around with.

The one thing I found myself really enjoying was Nick. He is a great character! I would have liked to have more of him, and it wouldn't have to be just with Ivy either. He was funny, charming, mischievous, and good looking. He was also much more mature than Ivy. It's because of him that I give that extra half star. Here are two of the highlights I saved from him:

"But Ives," he said softly, "We both know that right now, I'm just what you need."

He stopped, but didn't pull forward. "I can't wait for you forever, Ivy. Even if you're worth it."

I found myself doing a lot of skimming and re-reading parts because my mind would wonder so often. There were several small errors that caught my attention and normally I notice very little of that. There was two big things that were never address, or resolved, that I am pretty annoyed about as well. At one point there is a big "fight" scene (I'm not sure what else could describe it....rescue gone bad scene?), and Dean (the boy that Ivy thought was the be-all-end-all) threatens to get Spike somehow to punish him, but he isn't even in the story after this part (that I can remember). Also there is a character called Phoebe who was an ex of Nicks, and at one point she and Ivy get into a spell-casting fight--out in the open--and she threatens Ivy pretty good. She isn't brought up again at all.

In fact, the climax and big showdown kind of made me scratch my head. Her best friend and dog are kidnapped and held ransom and Ivy worries way more about her dog than her friend. I'm guessing I'm just some horrible person because I didn't understand how the entire time all this stuff is happening the one thing she gets homicidal about is for her dog. I had a flashback to the Wizard Of Oz when at one point her dog is threatened (which was the threat of the hour, and seemed to be the only one that impacted her), and I kept waiting for him to say "I'll get you my pretty! And your little dog too!" Here is a direct quote from Ivy during this showdown:He had tried to kill Devlin. For that alone, he had to die. This from the girl who tries so hard to not be like her father who practiced black magic. At another point her dog is showing her a tunnel to go through so she can find her best friend, and she balks because there might be bugs in it. Meanwhile the people holding her friend are murderers. Even the reunion with the dog is more emotional than with her friends. In the end all she is happy about is her love life, and not the revelation unveiled during the climax, or the worry over her morals.

This is way longer than I wanted to write so I am going to just say that this book was ok, and maybe it's just me that got annoyed so much, and not so much that it is a bad story.