The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams's the deal with this cover?! At what point in time did McKenzie wield a sword? Is that supposed to be her dagger?

I really enjoyed this whole book, but I have to say there are a few things that either bothered me, or straight up confused me. One of these things (that fall into both categories)is the love triangle. In the beginning I was pretty pro-Aren and his melt worthy awesomeness, but then he slits her throat and I'm a bit put off by it. I'm still not anti-Aren, but I was more than a little confused that McKenzie was still torn over her feelings for him. On one hand I can totally see how she is sticking it to Kyol that he had had more than his chance to be with her, but in the end Kyol has a great deal more in his pro folder than con. Kyol took a while yes, but I can understand why considering his position and his loyalty. He didn't kill Naito like he was supposed to, and he ended up being sentenced to death for his actions with McKenzie. Her throwing away ten years of love when everything finally comes together because she has another stunningly gorgeous and edible man who is interested in her disappointed me. I hurt for Kyol. I hurt for Aren too, but the man wasn't invested for a decade before he had to fear losing her.

I LOVED how McKenzie refused to give in to the rebels while she was kidnapped, and how she kept saying she had Stockholm Syndrome, lol.

*****I'm going to have to come back to finish this. Sorry!!!*****