Everneath - Brodi Ashton
*SOBS!!* Oh my God why?! Give me more, and do it NOW!

I stopped reading this at the point that reading a single word in between each nod off became too annoying. It was 90% done, and I wasn't able to pick it up until this evening, and then it was back to feeling like my Kindle was drafted to my hands for there was no way I would let go of Jack and Becks again. I cried several times throughout this book, but nothing as hard as the bawling I did at the end, and then telling my son I was only sad because of the story (he's almost 7 so it was a little funny to look at his face considering how much I was crying).

I can't get enough of stories that have no Insta Love or Pointless Love Triangles. There was such depth in the feelings that Jack, Becks, Jules, the Mayor, Tommie, and everyone else that it makes it hard for me to move on. Everything was subtle, and layered, and so real that there is nothing I can find lacking here. I've got nothing bad to say. I need Jack to give me hug followed by Becks, and then I want to take Jules out and be her friend.

I keep trying to figure out how to word why a person should pick this up, but at the moment I'm too raw I think. This book is not like the deluge of YA books that are so trite and surface--and often poorly written--and that makes it worth reading for that alone imo. It's the characters that really do it here though. Like I said they are real people with real reactions and feelings, and they will touch your heart. Give yourself a break from the flooded waters of similar books and read Everneath.