Personal Demons - Stacia Kane

I first found Stacia Kane's Downside series when I was impatiently waiting for one of the Fever releases, and was totally blown away! I was fortunate enough to come upon them after all three had been released (I found it the month of the third's release) and so that made me even happier knowing I wouldn't have to agonize over wait times again. Course it turns out I was incredibly wrong about that in this case! I looked her up right away and saw this series, but she said right on there that it was more tame than Downside, and since I've been going darker and darker I decided I would let this one pass. In my impatience for book 4 I decided to get my grubby paws on anything written by Kane because she is in my top 3 favorite authors.

This series is certainly tamer than her other one, but still good even though there were a few things that felt--first timer-ish. This story is about a psychic who becomes the host of a radio show all about "slaying your personal demons", and becomes the unwitting target of said demons. Enter insanely sexy Mr. Dante (har har, right?!) and then we watch as Megan fights her attractions to him (luckily she gives in and we are treated to one great sex scene! This man is so hot he makes smoke come out of her mouth!) and fights for her life.

Even though this wasn't loved as much as Chess and Terrible's story, it was still good and I plan on reading the next one.