The Divide - Nicholas Evans I just re-read this for what must be the first time since I bought it, because I could not remember the story to save my life. Bits and peices came back as I read, but this was almost like reading it for the first time. I hadn't realized I didn't put his books on my read list either. I am a big fan of Evans and wish he would write more!! One thing that I came to realize is that my taste has evolved quite a bit since I had become a fan of his work. I still enjoyed it, but I don't think I will add another read to this particular novel.

The story is about a family who seems to have everything until the patriarch decides he is unhappy, and the daughter decides that she must take drastic actions to show her support of her cause. The story has several different point of views, and works from the present through the past, finally ending shortly after where it all began. I found the different points of view to be a bit annoying, but it wasn't too terrible. Even with the small bits that got on my nerves with this novel I would still say it was worth the money, and a good read.