Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell, #2) - Jenn Bennett I really like this series so far! Cady is great--smart ass, strong, pretty, talented, great in the sack, and yet pretty normal too. She is a magician with a bonus knack, and she has a hot older man keeping her warm at night who also has a teenage son of his own. The three of them have fabulous chemistry, and all three are wonderful enough apart that I would read books with just them as the protagonists.

This story centers around what Cady knew of as an urban legend, but turns out to be all too true, and it is her and Lon that are tasked with fixing everything. Cady is no fan of Lon's Hellfire Club, but when the president of the club puts her nose to the grindstone with some threats as a sweetener, she not only feels forced into ending the terror plaguing everyone, but her heart won't let her rest while Jupe is in danger.

Watching the three of them become family in this book was one of the best parts for me. I love Jupe and his endless talking balancing out his father's stoic attitude. Jupe is simply full of life at all times! I can't wait to see more of him as the series progresses.

I think that anyone who enjoys magic, demons, and action will be entertained by these books. Bennett is proving to be skilled at pulling you in and not letting go until she's damn good and ready to let you go, and then leave you begging for more.