Aftermath - Ann Aguirre

I'll write up my review later on or tomorrow. 1.5 Stars.

This is already not starting out good! I'm 5% into it right now, and I have highlighted several things already that annoy me. We're brought in where the last one left off, which is Jax going into Grimspace to change the frequency of the jump beacons. Then she'll say she has no idea how long she was out for, followed by a little later referring to her long time in Grimspace. The planet is being attacked, and she sends a message to Tarn about not letting any ships jump there since they will be lost, and then says how there hasn't been enough time for her message to reach Tarn or for him to respond. Which logically means that people were probably called to help and got lost! All she needed to do was leave a note for March telling him her plan and then he wouldn't need to call for backup and nobody would end up eating it because of Jax. And she has already said that the Morgut no longer eat them?! But are just trying to kill off the living things on the surface...and I have no doubt that in a little bit she will make a comment about how people are delicacies to the Morgut. Oh, and one last thing, she says she has to get her pilot back from this Grimspace mission she put herself on, and then says something about how that suicide mission should have killed her. Snort. What the hell do you think a suicide mission IS Jax ol' girl?!

7% into it now. Hit managed to bounce a message to the Dauntless telling them that her and Jax were on the surface and would await orders as to what to do, but not to have them jump since Jax changed everything and told no one. THEN Jax says this line: Rescue will come,I tell myself. We're not simply waiting for the Morgut to finish conquering Venice Minor.

How in the holy fuck are people supposed to come to the rescue when they've been told by Jax herself not to jump!! She told them to meet at specific coordinates so that they could be trained--while the war is at it's fucking peak no less, lets stop what the fuck they're doing to RELEARN something and slow EVERYONE down--and then expects anyone to come to rescue her and Hit, while being TOTALLY outnumbered by the Morgut. And now she gets to blame herself for Doc and "Evie" even though that wasn't her fault. They ran out there, it wasn't Jax saying "hey guys come out come out wherever you are so I can blow you up!!!"