Solitary (Escape From Furnace, #2) - Alexander Gordon Smith 4.5 Stars

This second installment was just as thrilling as the first, and even went deeper into the creepy than Lockdown did! I devoured this book in one sitting, and the only thing stopping me from tearing into the third is ability to get it right now. I had a pretty lengthy review for Lockdown that can be seen here and most of what I said still applies.

One thing that I was bothered by in this book though was the switching of terms (slang?). Sometimes I would be jarred from the story because of this, and I always hate when that happens. It wasn't a big issue, but I definitely noticed it. Mostly from the use of gen pop and general population, but there were a couple of times that I was grateful for the Kindle's ability to tell me what certain words mean.

There was some very heartbreaking scenes in this book, and I was teary eyed a couple of times. Donovan and Zee....oh boy did they break my heart. Donovan for obvious reasons, and Zee because how he held on the whole time. He never thought that he would be left behind, or forgotten, and maintained a gritty determination throughout the story.

We get to have a lot more interaction with the wheezers (shudder) and blacksuits, as well as seeing more of the hell that is Furnace (the infirmary...ugh). The rats. Oh my, the rats. Aside from the creepy, we get to meet a few new boys, and Pete broke my heart. I got pretty frustrated with everyone during their final escape attempt though. How hard would it be to know that you would need to be quiet during an escape attempt?! I mean really. Laughing like loons, and nobody thinks that the sound will carry?!

Be prepared for another big cliffhanger, and I think that Smith is clearly someone who likes to toy with us, because I was cussing him up one side and down the other when I got to the end. ;)