Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman I stayed up until 4am to finish this book. That's a big deal these days!! I'll give me until 2am if I'm really loving something, but I haven't let myself stay up to 4 in a long time.

Now that I've gotten rest from the story I don't really know how to describe it. I tried to tell a friend of mine on here about it and I'm certain I missed the mark. It's high fantasy, but not really that heavy, and even though it's very girl power in the end, I think that males would like this a lot too.

The story is about Eon, a crippled boy trying to earn a position as a dragoneye, but is met with harsh and cruel treatment by those around him for his deformed leg. It was his hip that was crushed but it created a limp and weakness, that lead everyone to call him crippled and throw ward evil signs at him every time they saw him. He is thought of as a demon at the worst, and a bringer of bad luck at best. The amazing thing about him was the fact that he is a female pretending to be male because in this world females are lower than anything else on the planet it seems.

Women have no place in the world of the dragon magic. It is said they bring corruption to the art, and do not have the physical strength or depth of character needed to commune with an energy dragon. It is also thought that the female eye, too practiced in gazing at itself, cannot see the truth of the energy world.

After reading that I had my brows drawn and was starting to sizzle with anger, and this was in the prologue! So you know that after hearing this that the heroine must be amazing, because how in the name of everything could any female hope to have a place among people who think her less than nothing?

Eona's master had found her being worked to death and could tell that she was special right away. They made her into her male self in order for her to become what she was born to do; work with the energy dragons. Not only was this as hard as you might think just going by that one snippet from the story, but she manages to succeed in the face of incredible odds to earn a spot to train with the dragons! Then things go from hard to impossibly difficult in short order, and Eona will learn to navigate a world in which she has almost no knowledge of all while trying to hold herself together. Tense is the name of the game here!

We are lucky enough to be taken on her journey to learn that females are just as powerful as males, and that being yourself is a power not for the faint of heart. The writing is sublime, the characters amazing, and the story one of the few originals that has no comparison.