Soulless  - Gail Carriger I thought this was ok. I got really sick of the changing titles throughout though, like skipping between first name to first and last or just Miss and last name. I kept forgetting who Ivy was, and even at the end I had to backtrack a couple of paragraphs to realize which Miss she was. I thought that Alexia was a little bit fake for me, and that Conall would have been great, but I didn't love the way werewolves were portrayed here enough to get on board the Conall fan train. I like my weres to be cognizant of what they're doing when they're changed, lol.

I had requested the second book automatically from the library thinking I would really enjoy this one, but I think I'm just going to return it. I liked this one well enough to read the second if not for the fact that I have several other books waiting on me that I've wanted to read.