The Queen of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner Here's another book that my friends are bowled over by, and I just sit to the side wondering that the hell I'm missing. I did like it, but it's certainly not a 5 star read for me, and I'm getting more dissatisfied with the way the author writes the books as well. I like to have my books have plenty of ups and downs and tense moments, and when I'm at the climax(s) I want to be in a frenzy of reading just to see what happens. These books are just one slow, even toned, boring thing after another. Not even during a battle was I truly immersed and anxious. Not once was I so engrossed in the story that I forgot myself and what was happening around me. So many times I found myself just watching the words go by instead of living in Eddis or Attolia.

Even though I was bored for the most part, I do enjoy how the author made the characters pretty genuine. Eugenides in another's hands would have probably not been suffering from PTSD and wallowing the majority of the time, but a real person would suffer much the way he did I think. I never understood Attolia as much as other people seemed to, and I only had a little bit of sympathy for her in the end.

The part where she puts the Mede into his place was a twist for me that I didn't see coming and frankly annoyed me since it was third person, and I expected to be let in on these things instead of scratching my head wondering what the fuck is going on. The romance in this story that I tried to figure out pissed me off. He'd been watching her for years huh. Fascinated by her eh?! Seemed to me a large part of the story was telling me the complete opposite. The girl felt the same about him huh. She grieved eh?! Didn't strike me that way! If I were to believe in these things then I should have had a fucking clue instead of just BAM! Guess what?! These two people have a deep love for each other and no fucking idea as to how to show it. I know I love it when I'm threatened and ignored and treated like shit at every turn. Totally turns me on and deepens my love. Yup. Also, it should be noted, that war and politics can be very tiresome to me. If I like them then the book must be really amazing because otherwise chances are I won't be overjoyed at constant troop movements.

This seems to be an issue of my not liking the book versus it not being a good book, so hopefully this review won't put you off of trying it if it seems to be your thing. I guess it just isn't mine.