Cross My Heart - Sasha Gould This was much better than Cinder, but I'm not sure it was meant to be a Cinderella story. You can read my thoughts of why Cinder was such a failure here if you'd like.

I thought that maybe I should rate this with an extra star because I read it in one sitting, but even with that fact weighing on me I couldn't quite do it. It was good don't get me wrong, but there were parts that made me roll my eyes just because of the wording, or the fact that a character should be using their head better or something along those lines. Laura's father was a great villain and I hated him straight away, but the real villain of the story sort of surprised me for some reason.

The story is basically about a girl named Laura who is sent to the convent in her hometown of Venice, and while she is serving her time there (which she often likens to prison and having a cell to live in, and frankly it sounds close to hell to me too) she learns she gets to go home. Quickly she realizes that this homecoming will not be the joyous return to freedom as she hoped, because once she arrives home she learns her beloved sister has died. And she is to replace her in the marriage contract her deplorable father has arranged. Once she meets the old crone that is to be her husband she is approached by a woman who offers her a way out; as long as Laura agrees to share a secret worthy of receiving help. Laura shares her one secret and in return is saved from the certain hell that her life was to become, but all is not as it seems, and now she finds herself in even more peril than she had been before.

So as good as this sounds, and it was pretty good, there was just something not quite right for me. I can't put my finger on it, but it's like how sometimes it seems that Laura was thinking too much of herself (at one point she thinks that the death of a character is the fault of the "forces controlling" her, and I did not think it so), and other times she would be saying one thing and then doing another (like her flip flopping with her love interest). I did enjoy Giacomo, and he had some swoon worthy lines, but again, there was just something not quite on the level I wanted.

So basically this was good, but not the best, and far from the worst. I don't see myself ever reading it again, but it was a nice enough that I'm not sorry for the time I spent with it.