The Road - Cormac McCarthy Goodness, what to say. This was one long, boring, and bleak book. So bleak. It's the story of a man and a child who are on a journey to the coast after the world is (basically) destroyed. I would have loved to know the what in this story, but we never get it, only a couple flashbacks about the man and his woman. There are no names, only man and child, or boy, and there are almost no other people in the entire story. The few people we do see are the worst of the worst and they managed to find, and keep alive, enough women and boys to keep as sex slaves? Oh, and kept a larder of humans in a basement too of course.

I was hungry for more stories like that of [b:Ashfall|9644151|Ashfall (Ashfall, #1)|Mike Mullin||14531613], which I loved, but this was nothing like I wanted, and I really didn't enjoy it even with the pretty prose.