Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis

Have you ever gone through a drought? Maybe had your community pass around 'drought preparedness' fliers, or had to face fines for not following a watering schedule? I have and I found it really very ulcer inducing. I remember reading about when Georgia had a really bad one several years ago that had the water shut off for certain hours, and people with a set number of gallons to use a day; I remember being so thankful that I had never been through a drought. Last summer wasn't the first drought I've been through since then, but when we had a drought here in upstate New York I was caught completely off guard, and my anxiety went through the roof! I had thought a place like this wasn't in danger of all that really, but times, they are a-changin. My point with this back story is that I've always been very anxious about water, and reading stories like [b:Not a Drop to Drink|13112869|Not a Drop to Drink |Mindy McGinnis||18286567] really stoke that fear.

The only water she'd ever known was laced with dirt and tasted slightly of fish.

..."life was falling from the sky."

The story is about two women, a mother and daughter, who for the last 16 years have perfected the art of survival. Lynn's mother is hard; she has become a killer in order to secure the only reliable water source available to her and her only child, and taught Lynn to be just as hard. "Lynn was nine the first time she killed..." "Death and gun powder were scents from her childhood..."

Then one day everything changes when Lynn no longer has her mother for protection, and she ends up not only forming an uneasy friendship with her only neighbor, but she actually takes on a dying little girl she found in the woods. Lynn had only ever had her mother, but when she finds Lucy, and the others with her, suddenly she realizes that you can help people without compromising your own safety.

The only thing I will say that I wasn't happy with was having the back story for why there was a water shortage be so late in the book. This could just be a personal issue, because there are hints leading up to the why of it, but I prefer to know earlier than later.

I really loved the prose and the way that [a:Mindy McGinnis|5351825|Mindy McGinnis|] cultivated a sense of desperation and loneliness without ever going over the top for the sake of it. She created a situation that was believable, and characters that work their way into your heart. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes survival stories, strong female characters, and realism.