Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2) - Veronica Rossi I forgot how much I had liked this story!! I was going to reread the first one though to brush up on some of the finer plot lines, but in the end I couldn't wait long enough to get into this one. I read this in roughly 4 hours. That's how good it is.

Oh Perry, Perry, Perry. Aria laughed. The was attractive. She smelled like horse. "Do you ever miss anything?" Perry smiled. "You, all the time." Swoon! I love him. He's so loyal and fierce. Even if he thinks Aria smells like violets during her time of the moon, lol. We got to see plenty of character growth in this book as well which was wonderful. The way Perry grew into Blood Lord was great, even if I hurt for him. I kind of wanted to rip his face off when he was talking to Kirra on the beach, but it was minor, and in the end it worked out just as I would have thought. He made my heart break by thinking he'd failed Aria.

Aria grew a great deal in this one, and I was thrilled to see her becoming such a force! She took no crap (though really she could have at least tripped Brooke once or something), and she's really coming into her own, despite the confusion of her place in the world Who the hell is her father?!. It was great seeing her friendship with Roar, even though I kept waiting to have the author turn that into a romance, and I love that she didn't. I'm not even sure I can remember the last book I read that had actual platonic friends?! She'd been seeking the comfort of a place. Of walls. A roof. A pillow to rest her head on. Now she realized that the people she loved were what gave her life shape, and comfort, and meaning. Perry and Roar were home.

I don't like the direction Roar's story took there at the end to be honest. That was so painful. I wonder too how this will affect his relationship with Aria? I really love him as a character though. "I got that, thanks. Did he just call you pretty?" Roar nodded, chewing. "Can you blame him?"

This series so far is wonderfully original, skillfully written, and certainly worth your money to own. I know it's a story I'll want to visit many times.