Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand
Oh my word, this is one of those times where I berate myself for procrastinating so long before reading a book because it turns out that I really loved it and could have enjoyed their company for so much longer had I just not been so stubborn. Of course the flip side of that is that waiting allows me to lessen the hell that is waiting for the next release in a loved series, lol.

I thought that this would be one of the many stories that are saturating the market right now, and that its gorgeous cover was just that siren song I needed to avoid in order to maintain my sanity. How wrong I was! It is indeed about angels, and there certainly are far more of those books than there should be, but Hand has done the story right. I was so drawn into this story that I gave up sleep, and bought the second book at 3AM simply because I was not satisfied with letting them go on about their lives without me. That's the best thing ever about ebooks--instant gratification!!!!--oh how that pleases me so.

I don't even know how to word my reasons for loving this book so much right now either. I loved the flashes of humor thrown in, and the depth to the characters, and amazingly enough, both of the male leads are amazing instead of one clearly good and one bad. So refreshing, and heartbreaking, because I love them both.

Just read this book. Don't put it off because of the plethora of poorly written angel books out there right now. Don't suffer without knowing them the way I have. Friends don't let friends pass up good books, so go get it and enjoy!!!