Magic on the Line - Devon Monk I am a big fan of Monk's, and was once again happy with this latest release for Allie's story. That being said, there were things about this one that annoyed me more than any other Allie novel. The cliff hanger ending was one. I hate cliffhangers with a passion, and this one didn't even feel as though it ended at the "proper" hanging part....if that makes sense. I thought the climax of the story was a little dull considering where it ended, and I'm used to Allie having some kind of resolution to the particular adventures she finds herself on.

So, this book may be my least favorite of the series, but it was still really enjoyable because of my love of the characters.

*One thing I adore about this whole series is the lack of love triangles! Just wanted to throw that out there because I am so sick of them that I have been reading less than usual. Very refreshing to see a couple maintain their relationship without any outside person interfering and them working through any tough spots that come.*