Aftertime - Sophie Littlefield This book is horrible. The synopsis says this is an arresting novel and I will never understand how this is so. The characters are barely developed, the explanation of events is not explained in a logical way, the author goes to such lengths in the desciptions that I skipped whole paragraphs, and the relationship that was supposed to be center to the story (mother/daughter) is merely filler for the "love" story. The whole thing made me angry knowing that I spent money on it.

I don't even think somebody looking for a book to read as filler between actual GOOD releases will want to waste their time on this. That was why I bought it. I was recovering from surgery and just wanted something to enjoy while passing the time that didn't make me want to weep, or think any deep thoughts (haha). I stopped 81% through the book because I just couldn't make myself suffer through it anymore.

This is clearly a review in which I rant far more than I bother to really discuss the novel I should be reviewing. I find that I have not been very good at reviewing lately, and I'm starting to think it is because I feel like I have been bogged down by crappy books.

My advise: Don't waste your time or money on this.