Wayward - Ashley Girardi ****Contains spoilerish information, and a great deal of disdain****

This was painful to get through. I felt like I was reading about someone with a multiple personality disorder because the character couldn't seem to decide which type of being she was....one minute she says how she has no power, and then next she talks about having power or power being too tempting. There is no character development either, and all these little backstory snipits without any kind of explanation. It took me forever to finish it, and I thought about just abandoning it since I was getting so sick of the back and forth. It was everywhere! The boy she meets and doesn't like (and is pretty mean to), but by the end she tells him she loves him. The girl who had been gunning to kill her suddenly becomes her savior. The big bad who had a relationship of some sort, but NEVER devled into and explained properly, who she has to face off (who was also supposed to be oh so powerful, and she couldn't decide if she had power or not, but by God she was going to try to take him on since she was told to!), and then she becomes a big bad herself....again, without it making any kind of logical jump.

Useless paragraphs, overused metaphors, and no character or world develpoment made me feel like I had wasted my hard earned money. The whole thing was just terrible. If I had the actual book I would probably just throw it away in disgust, and I have never done that.

It's not like it was good enough to solicit a passoinate response from me either though. The fact that the overall star review is above a 3 is mind blowing! I almost didn't write a review because I just don't care enough about the characters to want to talk about them now that I finally got done reading about them, but in the end I wanted to spare anyone else from wasting their time on it too.