Silver-Tongued Devil - Jaye Wells Ok, so in case this is the first review of mine that you have come across let me warn you about something. I am not the most polished writer, and I tend to write more on how I felt during a story versus being able to adequately break down devises and such. When I rate books as five stars it is because I have been affected somehow by the book, or series, and know that I will read it again and again, or even have a hard time moving onto the next on my TBR list.

This is one of those series for me. I love it! Normally I do a re-read of a series if I hadn't read it recently, but I didn't want to wait before jumping into to this, and I'm happy to say that it isn't really necessary because Wells does a great job of reminding you what had happened prior. The only thing I can't quite remember is what happened to the female demon, and in fairness, I have a horrific memory. Legitimate memory issues, but other than that I loved every second of this book.

I was bemoaning the fact that I have had a bit of a spell when it came to my reading choices lately. I have been very unsatisfied with the last five (I think) books I read, and wanted to lose myself in a known author who had made me happy....and how Jaye Wells makes me happy! I wanted a tough-as-nails heroine who was able to stand on her own two feet and not take shit from anyone, and in walks Sabina Kane once again. Love this chick! She is funny, and I actually do giggle out loud when I read this series, as well as honest and endearing. She makes mistakes, but...wait for it....learns from them!! I love that I have gotten to see her grow from the bad-ass assassin she was in book one, to the bad-ass magepire in book four.

Other facets to this series that I love are the secondary characters. Giguhl. Love this demon. Love him. His relationship with Sabina both cracks me up and makes me teary. He tells her how he feels about her in this one and I did....I cried a bit. I was pretty tired since I had stayed up well into the night to finish, so perhaps that had something to do with it. Or perhaps I just don't want to look like a cry baby.

I will totally cop to the fact that I was crying like a little baby when Sabina and Maisie were in the Liminal. Like a baby. The whole ending really just made me feel crushed. Except for the part where Adam pulled his head out and admitted that he and Sabina are awesome together, and knows that no relationship is ever perfect. I was a bit confused and annoyed by his reaction to Sabina having slept with Slade though. He acted as though she had cheated, when it was more like she was too afraid to tell him that it had happened earlier than she had originally said the sexual relationship had ended. I get that he was hurt by the omission, but they weren't together when it happened, so I think he overreacted a bit. He made up for when she got back though. Big time.

I'm a bit sad to know that there will only be one other release in this series, but I am a big fan of Wells' style, so I plan on reading more from her. I don't think I will be disappointed considering how much I love this series.

Here are some quotes that made me smile:

Back when using humans like fast food was standard operating procedure and my motto was "kill first, avoid questions later."

I laughed. "Yeah, right. If anyone gives you trouble, he'll hump their leg like a berserker."

Giguhl shot me a bitch-please look.

"Don't give me that look, trampire," Giguhl said.

I cut him off. "Dude, it was a human. They die all the time--it's what they do."

"She makes a good point, Sabina," Adam said. I made a mental note to exclude him from interrogations with hot dominatrixes in the future.

The average werewolf would live only about two hundred years. Compared to mages who lived to be two thousand and some vampires who'd literally been around since before antiquity, they were little more than violent puppies.

But Sabina's Law stated that not sharing wild theories virtually guaranteed they'd become fact and bite you in the ass later.

Besides, I wasn't about to take fashion advise from a lady-man whose fashion motto was "the more rhinestones the better."

With its spires and turrets and mix of architectural styles, it looked like schizophrenia translated into architecture.

"You want a challenge, tough chick? Go read a book."