Unwind - Neal Shusterman Wow. This is a story that makes words seem inadequate when trying to share the...mind numbing possibilites....of this novel. The worst part is that it is logical. This could happen. Look at the news stories and be the judge of that. Just a second ago I see an article on Fox News (dot com) that a representative wants to make miscarriages illegal and that would hold the mother responisble. Go read it here: http://fxn.ws/gC6knM

The story revolves around several characters but never loses it focus or feels chaotic. I just dont know how to wrap my head around this story. The author is an evil genius who can see the worst in humans and make it seem like a logical evolution in our world, but make me shelter my mind by telling myself its purely the fictional work of a very creative mind. Thats what this book made me feel. Like I need to shelter my mind from what I was seeing. I will not be able to look at kids that are down and out the same, nor will I be able to dismiss events like the one I linked as the work of one who is simply crazy and not to be listened to; because now Im not so sure that people like that arent being heard.

I think this is a book that should be recieving a great deal of attention, and all of it deserved. I think that the only other novel that was able to shake me so much was The Hunger Games, and that is because Unwinding, like the Hunger Games, seems entirely possible.