Suddenly Royal - Nichole Chase I go between 'meh, it's ok', to 'I liked it', so I compromised and will give it a 2.5 rating.

This is a fast, easy, and fun read about an American grad student who finds out that she's distantly related to royalty in a foreign country. She is asked to come back and claim her title as Duchess and in the process she finds love. With the Prince of course.

Now, this isn't a bad story at all, but I had a few problems with it. There were a lot of errors that I think should have been corrected before publishing (not super gigantic ones, but ones that I definitely noticed), and I got really sick of Sam as the story went on.

Samantha, our protagonist, was initially really great, and just my type: sarcastic, not a teenager (sometimes I need a break from that age), hard working, modest, and funny. As the book progressed though she wore on my nerves with her constant "Alex has to be with a ROYAL", like she wasn't fully aware that she was a royal! That got supremely annoying after the 2,986,623,876,438th time she whined about it.

There was more that rubbed my nerves, but I think that this book could be great for someone who wanted a light, fluffy, fast read, or who needed a filler book. I think that [a:Nichole Chase|5074162|Nichole Chase|] did a good job with showing how hectic it could be to be in the life Sam found herself in, and she made the characters very relatable.

**Edited to add**Some things I had forgotten to mention were how all the men in this story, except for three, were sleazy. I didn't buy how over the top it was. The three who were not horny assholes were: Alex, the token gay friend/assistant, and her dad. Her assistant was not all that believable to me either, and considering he was Lilarian I didn't buy how he acted around her (not fully).

Also, what was with the book titles/author name dropping?! It was weird. I keep meaning to check and see if they're real books, but even if they aren't it's still odd in my opinion.

At one point Sam is being driven around after some event she attended, and a photog rams their car forcing them to stop so they can get pictures. She's all shaken up after that, but decided to go to a book store, without security, and couldn't understand why her security guard was annoyed with her. It was like she had forgotten what had just happened, or forgotten that she'd been bitching about photographers for the entire novel.

I would recommend checking out Litchick's review to see what she thought, as she loved it, and made a great case for this book.