Red Glove (Curse Workers, #2) - Holly Black
Oh Cassel, Cassel, Cassel. "The only things I am really good at are the kinds of things colleges don't let you major in. Con artistry. Forgery. Assassination. A little bit of lock-picking."

The second book in this trilogy was more personal than the first since the main focus is on Cassel and the relationships in his life, but I found this one no less enjoyable than the first. In fact, I loved it! I think that I was missing this personal aspect from [b:White Cat|6087756|White Cat (Curse Workers, #1)|Holly Black||6264661] and I didn't even know it. Even when Cassel fully admits to himself that he isn't sure how to be completely honest with his friends, ("I always feel awkward in Daneca's house. I can't help casing the joint.") he is still able to be there for them when they need it, AND manages to not steal from them, lol.

The issue with Lila though may be my one thorn in an otherwise fabulous book, and in total honesty, it's clear that this thorn is part of why the book is so awesome. Lila is a little difficult for me to really like, or maybe I should say she's a little difficult for me to really support. I want to really rally behind her since she has been so victimized, but every time I start to soften towards her, she does something, or says something, that reminds me not to get too comfortable around her. I like that Cassel recognized that her being worked compromised their tenuous relationship, and although he did make some poor choices in how to handle it sometimes, I was getting incredibly annoyed at her attitude towards him. She was just...mean, and she should have been grateful.

Cassel's family is incredibly messed up! That mother of his makes me want to choke her every single time I have to see her face. What the hell is she thinking with the last job she was working?! Are people really that stupid? I also want to see how his Grandad will react to he and Barron working where they are. I think that he will be more supportive of it than Cassel thinks he will, and I hope he tells him soon since I'm pretty sure he's the only one who actually cares about Cassel at all.

Another element to this book that I enjoyed was seeing more of Cassel's school. I actually had been thinking he was in college not a senior in high school. I couldn't help giggling when he was meeting with the guidance counselor about colleges. "Seriously, this guy--one of the counselors, I guess--makes it sound like in college they make you write all your essays in blood, your lab partners might shank you if you bring down their grade point averages, and evening classes last night all night long. He clearly misses it." I can't wait to see what he's doing with his life for the last book, and random question, but what do you all think he actually looks like? If I'm not given clues to what people look like they inevitably end up looking like I do, lol. I picture him white with short brown hair, brown eyes, and an athletic build.

So if you are on the fence about whether or not to give this trilogy a try, and clearly this review wouldn't really be helpful since I didn't even tell you the basis of the story (sorry, lol), then let me offer up my reasons why it's a bad idea to pass it up. The stories are original! Yes, really!! I's hard to believe, but it's true. Try it just see if I'm wrong. The characters are wicked, mysterious, funny, loving, and full of tension. The world building is hands down wonderful, and the situations wonderfully written. If you want to read something with those elements then these stories are for you!