White Cat  - Holly Black So you know when you hit that stride where no matter what book you pick, it ends up just sucking? Such is the place I found myself in, again, when a friend peeked through my TBR list and pointed out a few Sure Things for me to check out. Thank the Lord for Goodreads recommendations! I was intrigued by this book after seeing a few reviews pop up I put it on my list, and promptly forgot about it. I always have that head-desk moment after reading a book that I had been putting off and realize how much time I had wasted with the newly loved characters!

Anyway, so this wasn't like anything I can remember reading (at the moment). The story is about a family of curse workers, meaning they have the magical ability to manipulate x, y, or z in a person. Be it luck, emotion, death, or transformation just to name a few. Cassel is the only one in his family that can't work curses and his 2 older brothers (along with his mother and grandfather) make a show of saying how he has to be protected, and left out of "secret worker meetings" and what not. He is the outsider in his mob-like family and has found ways to compensate by being spectacular at reading people. As the story unfolds we learn that not only does Cassel have some serious skeletons in his closet, but he isn't the man he thought he was.

This was a book that demanded my attention and refused to be put off by anything as mundane as taking care of my kids (before I get hate mail, I'm obvious exaggerating this. My kids were given food and water whilst locked in the dog kennel, so all was well). I have a weakness for well written first person stories, and Holly Black sure knows her stuff! I probably would have given this 5 stars actually, but for the fact that I felt the climax was a bit rushed, and I have some lingering questions.

What the hell was it that Phillip wanted Cassel to say to his wife? What did she remember? What was it that his grandpa said he wanted to speak to him, and the guest in his bedroom, before his very annoying mother called? I just would have liked a bit more of something during the party/bathroom scenes. I'm not sure what, just that I wanted more of it.

All in all this is a book I would happily recommend to my fellow lovers of all things magical, and those who want that book that isn't the same as everything else. I can't wait to read [b:Red Glove|8288246|Red Glove (Curse Workers, #2)|Holly Black|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327888670s/8288246.jpg|13136697] (even though that one will be a $10 book instead of the awesome $3 that this was).