Black Heart - Holly Black

Oh my word, this book was awesome! I gobbled it up like it was the only piece of chocolate I'd ever be allowed to eat again. This is the conclusion to the trilogy, and my main gripe is just that it's over. I would love to have at least one more book to find out what happened with Barron and the Dean (and of course Lila). Well ok, fine you're right, I would like to know more about everybody.

So why do I love these stories so much? Well, our protagonist is Cassel Sharpe, and he's a mobster's spawn. He is also totally awesome. Cassel happens to find out that he is a very rare curse worker and we follow along in the wake of what that means for him. He is a very hot commodity, and everybody--seriously everybody--wants a piece of him. As the feds bring ever more pressure to him to join them and save his mom, the mob does the very same thing, and then on top of that there is the pressure to survive his senior year of high school without being expelled or failing.

The journey from non-worker to hot commodity was one of the most original, and entertaining, stories that I have read in some time. I was hooked from the very beginning, and I already recognize that this will be a set of books that I revisit again (and probably again still).

I would really like to know more about what happened with Barron though. He, and his mom, are characters that I love to hate, but I actually started to feel bad for him at the end there. I was shocked about it too. He is a bad man, and he did so many horrible things to Lila and Cassel, and still I felt bad for him. I wouldn't have expected the love interest that made me feel these things, but in the end I felt pretty conflicted about who ended up where, and then of course, what it meant for him to have that picture with that reminder written on it. Another thing that I was a bit thrown off by, was the underage drinking here that was so condoned, lol. I was understanding at the funeral, but when his grandad just chilled and drank with him and Sam I was shaking my head AND laughing. I get that it was in keeping with the mob aspect, and I loved it, but I was still left wondering if all kids had that freedom or just Cassel, haha.

In closing I would have to stress that these books are absolutely on par with other fabulous series, and have the benefit of being unlike any others. Do yourself a favor and pick up [b:White Cat|6087756|White Cat (Curse Workers, #1)|Holly Black||6264661] and [b:Red Glove|8288246|Red Glove (Curse Workers, #2)|Holly Black||13136697], and then enjoy the genius that is [a:Holly Black|25422|Holly Black|].