Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles, #1) - Melina Marchetta
I'm so glad that I gave this story a try!!! It's not quite my usual tastes, but after reading several glowing reviews I thought that I should give it a chance--and WOW! What a cast! What a world!! What wonderfully strong women there are! In fact, I think this may be the only time I have read a book that has such a strong female cast of characters. I loved them all.

Evanjalin--my goodness did I not see that reveal coming. Not at all, lol. I wish I knew more details about her, but she is one of the strongest female characters that I have read in along time, if ever, and I already miss her.

Finnikin--you silly, wonderful boy you! I liked most everything about him as well, and the only time I was really annoyed with him was during the end of the book when he was being so stubborn. I wanted to smack him even though I understood, sort of, what he was thinking.

Trevanion--I adore you. Adore.

Lucian--I have a fondness for characters with this name, and he sure delivered on being the bad boy! He broke my heart while he was on the mountain with his father.

Froi--I don't really understand you, or your purpose really, but I look forward to reading your story if only to be part of this world for a little longer. I would not have stolen him, and after the cottage scene I am pretty sure I would have done him serious bodily harm.

Tesadora--You are wonderfully scary.

This book was a nice long read and after being dragged into series after series, and the frustrations of an unfulfilled or dragged out story lines this book was a breath of fresh Lumateran air. I haven't read a book so long in some time, and I loved every second of it!