Touch (Lorimer SideStreets) - Kim Firmston I only made it through the first chapter. The kid is making a virus that his dad taught him, because he wants to impress him, and he loads it to the school's system, but the whole thing is too improbable for me to give it any chance of my believing it. You don't even have to be well versed in the nature of viruses to not believe how this went down, which I'm not particularly, but my mister is and I verified with him. So, virus planting--fail, and it only ate the letter 'e' not consumed everything, making it more of a pain in the ass and not the end of the world.

Drum asks, a worried look passing over his brown face, dreadlocks hanging in his eyes.
That's his bff not wanting him to use his laptop but ol' boy doesn't want to use his own.

Apparently adults are too dumb to know how to work computers, and don't have any IT support.

"Go to the office!" the teacher snaps, now suspisious Johnny is the hacker. So dumb.

Oh wait, there's this kid who they use for tech support, my bad.

It doesn't hurt that he's good looking too with shiny black hair and smooth tan skin.

"Sorry, I don't know anything." Antoine shrugs. "But," he gives the teacher one of his steady gazes, flicking his hair like a pop star, "maybe I can fix it."

But our MC said he wasn't "brave" enough to unleash a virus. Because that's not stupid, it's brave?!

Our boy also had father son bonding time and reprogrammed his student ID card to read....Steve Jobs, instead of his name. Good thing he's the smartest person in that school! He then runs his "clean up" virus, as it were, to get rid of the one that eats all the letter e's and grumbles to himself that he's the one who should be being thanked, not Antoine.

Then in the beginning of chapter 2, yeah all that nonsense was in one chapter, he meets up with his girlfriend(?) and she's talking about the robot she's building for robot wars, and asks him if he has "IS1U60 IR receivers", and I just refused to go further. It says that there's only some 152 pages in the print book, so it would only take a a few minutes of my time to read, but I just can't. I'm done.