Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always - Elissa Janine Hoole


This book was absolutely phenomenal! I loved everything about it, from the chapter format, to the characters, to the storyline itself. I read it one sitting and it's been a while since I've done that.

The story is about Cass and her struggle to find herself, and there are a lot of hard issues brought up as she goes along. Her brother is gay and being tormented, her family is extremely devout and she doesn't believe, her friendship with her best friend is crumbling, and the awkward girl who goes to her youth group attempts suicide after being badly bullied.

For such heavy topics I don't feel that book was too dark or hard to read at all. I related to Cass more than any character I've read in quite some time, and one of my favorite things about her was her love for her brother. Her whole situation was just so authentic that, even though I've never gone through what she did, I feel like I could have been reacting the way she did. I would want to protect my sister too if she was gay and we lived in such a close minded community; I would be just as lost without the one girl I was best friends with during my school years, and I would feel just as torn over having the most unpopular girl want to be close to me. I wasn't a popular kid, far from it actually, though it would be a lie to say I was the least. I was somewhere in the middle and trying hard to just maintain that fragile hold. I wasn't skinny and beautiful like the popular girls, and I wasn't as smart or driven as the ambitious girls, or as funny, or as...anything. I was just there. In this way when I was reading Cass' feelings about what did she have that was just hers, I could have been reading about my younger self.

I don't really know what to say about this because it spoke to me on such a personal level, and touched me the way only things like that can. This is a story about self discovery, but it's so much more. It's about love, respect, friendship, boundaries, family, and choices. Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always is a very relevant story about the world we live in now, and is very authentic to the dilemmas that becoming your own person brings.

Read this.