Red Rising - Pierce Brown


Well this was a bit unexpected. I don't choose books that I think I won't enjoy, of course, but this genre is so saturated that I can feel like there's nothing new to add to it anymore. Enter one [a:Pierce Brown|6474348|Pierce Brown|], and prepare yourself for his masterfully told debut that will have you crying, raging, laughing, and swooning.

The story is about Darrow, a Helldiver in the deep caves on Mars, whose life has always been about preparing the world for terraforming with the element he mines for. People have been mining Mars' helium-3 for several hundred years now, and the only communication they have of the outside world is from the holoCan, but as Darrow discovers the lies that his life has been built on, he becomes so much more than just Darrow The Helldiver; he becomes the revolution.

Darrow really surprised me because I ended up putting him on the same pedestal that I keep Barrons on, and that's pretty incredible considering that no one else ever gets quite to his level. I love Barrons. I love Darrow just as much now. This might sound odd to those who have not read the Fever series, by [a:Karen Marie Moning|48206|Karen Marie Moning|], but Red Rising has claimed a place in my heart equal to, not only that series, but also The Hunger Games. I can give no higher compliment.

With that being said, there was something that picked at me, though not enough to affect my love of the story. The hierarchy is very detailed, and things could get confusing with the slight info-dumping, so eventually I started skimming bits about that.

Mr. Brown has done something here that I think might be a first for me, and that's writing a feminist male lead. I ate this up! In this regard, Darrow has an edge on every single male I've come to love. Darrow loses his wife early on, as the synopsis tells us, and the way he holds onto his love and memory of her made me cry and swoon. He doesn't view women as inferior, and there are just as many female leaders as male that make equally good and bad moves. Beyond the fascinating world that Brown has brought spectacularly to life, this aspect of the novel is my favorite. I wish I could share quotes from the book so you could see what I'm saying, but they have asked to wait on that since it's an early ARC. Just you wait though...just you wait.

This is a special book. I think it fair to say it will become just as huge as The Hunger Games, and others of it's ilk. That's right; I said it. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to people who like to read dystopian novels, but moreover, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to people who aren't even big fans of the genre. It's that good.

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Check this out! July 23, 2013 Pierce wrote: "To my first, my favorite Howlers: Litchick (Ragebeast), Faye (my one and only Social Potato), Andrea J (nickname forthcoming), Brandi (Barrons' Mistress), Melodie (nickname also forthcoming), and JennyJen (SkullFrenzy). You made my Comic Con--and 6,000 people got books with this bookmark sandwiched in the pages. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.