Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews

Being six books into a series I love, it's hard to not give it a full five stars, because even though I had an issue with part of this storyline, I can't help but group judge it as a series. It's a weakness.

Stop judging me.

During the long two year wait between my beloved Kate and Curran, I've found many a heroine that kicks some ass, but none of my other favorite women can come close to Kate. Kate is just more, and I love her for it. "What the fuck," [He] snarled. "Look at her, she's half-dead. She isn't even on her last leg. She can't fucking stand and she's cutting you down like you're children."

"I think we should go to dinner."
"Great idea."
"What are you going to wear?"
"My badass face."

Here's all you need to know about this book: "Kate Daniels, extra-salt-in-the-wounds edition."

Yep, this book was really hard emotionally, and I'm still not sure how much anger I have for my beloved Curran. He's on probation right now; I need time to think this through, but he earned some trust back before the book was over. The premise of this story is Kate and crew go on a suicide mission to secure some coveted panacea for the Pack. They both know this is a trap, but feel like they have no other choice since they're unable to replicate making it, and can no longer buy it (not that it was ever easy to buy), and after Ilona Andrews was kind enough to rip my heart out illustrating the importance, well, I felt kind of helpless with them too.

While they're doing their duty we're treated to a bombshell! You saw how I changed a word up in that quote to "he" instead of the name? Yeah, that's not one you should let yourself be spoiled about! It totally got me!! Oh man, and talk about making me feel some feelings that are kinda awkward. I gots me the start of a new crush!

One of the other things, besides Kate's badassness, that I love about this series is the whole cast of secondary characters. They're all developed in such a way that even if they aren't a big part of the story, I can't help but love them. I want more of Keira, and did we always know Derek's last name was Gaunt?

This was worth the long and painful wait, and reminded me why I keep this series front and center as a favorite. Here are just a few of my favorite quotes:
"Why, were you afraid they'd take your man card away?"
"Are you going to help me or just make fun of me?"
"Can't I do both?"

"You're sending some confusing signals." --TRUTH!

"I'm sunbathing," Doolittle told him. "And enjoying my book. Don't bother me with your foolishness."

"Maybe later?" Keira said. "I have plans."
"What plans?" Barabas peered at her.
"I was going to go and think deep thoughts, somewhere in the sun."
"With your eyes closed? George asked.

"Look, I've tried. I walk into a pool, I thrash, and then I sink."

"And what an awesome comeback that was. Wow, I showed her.

"Will you stop meddling in my love life?" I growled. "I'm not meddling. I'm offering commentary." Ugh.

And finally:

"Unique and different, but not separate. Kate is just Kate and you belong with us. That's all that matters."