Magic Without Mercy (Allie Beckstrom, #8) - Devon Monk I love this series. It's one that had snuck up on me, and I'm really not sure why. The world building is genius, the characters wonderfully mysterious, the adventures top notch, but it wasn't until about book 4 that I really clued into how much I looked forward to release day. Being at book eight I am so pleased to report that this series is not stagnant, and there is nary a book to let us down! I'm talking to YOU Kim Harrison and Charlain Harris!!

In this one magic has somehow become poisoned, and not only is Allie and the crew the only ones even attempting to find a cure, but they're the only ones who even believe there's a problem! Much of this story centers around the inevitable drama that such a situation would put them all in, but we are given several really heartfelt moments. This one is between Maeve and Allie.

"Ah, Allie." She shook her head, the corners of her eyes glittering with tears. "There's a reason I never had a daughter. It's so there'd be room in my heart for you."

Of course Shame and Terric provide massive amounts of awesome to my life and this little snippet of them giving Allie shit was priceless!
"Or she could try empty threats," Terric suggested.
"What," Shame said, "like 'I'll sic my big scary pet gargoyle on you after my boyfriend and a mentally disabled ghost find the key to start his engine'?"
"It'd make me want to avoid eye contact with her," Terric said. "That's something, right?"
"Sure it is," Shame said. "Almost like being invisible. Was that your plan? Being so crazy no one would come near you?"

Shame and Terric are absolutely outstanding in this installment, and I think that perhaps they shined the brightest this time. I've long been a fan of Shame's but I became a huge fan of Terric too, and of course Allie and Zay were great, but Stotts was an asshole and Allie should have let Zay at least punch him.

When I think about this series I think of original magic(at least I haven't read anything like it), fantastic world building, perfect cast of characters, and entertainment at it's finest. I push this series on people almost, if not AS hard, as I push the Downside series, and I find [a:Devon Monk|1375697|Devon Monk|] to be a breath of fresh air in a saturated genre.