Sins & Needles - Karina Halle

Well, I'm fairly conflicted about how I should be feeling here. On one hand, my larger hand, I'm pretty much in lust with Camden and think he might be some kind of gift to womankind (physically), but on the other hand... the abuse that he doles out makes me wonder if I should still be so willing to forgive eat him up.

I just don't know. What does that say about me? I'm not sure.

I think that the fact he held on to to his rage for Ellie for so long is pretty frightening, and the way that he flips from rage to love was frustrating. One minute he's got a look in his eyes that has Ellie afraid of him, and the next he's looking at her with affection, and she flips from fear to passion. It was just... confusing for me. I would happily read an erotica book that was only Camden and Ellie, and I would LOVE it, but when it comes to their relationship... I'm on the fence.

I believe that he has feelings for her that date back to his adolescence, but it seems like his rage towards her for turning on him the way she did was greater. Which I thought it should be. But then I thought that the connection they shared as adults should have enabled him to forgive her. Which I guess he sort of did before she had to go and prove him right. And THAT was the point that I got conflicted about my feelings for Ellie.

Ellie... I like her. She's damaged, she's ruthless, and she knows it. Her motivation was a bit sketchy for me to be honest. She should have had all that rage towards her parents! Travis deserved a great deal too, I'm not saying he didn't, but using him as the core of her actions didn't make sense to me. Her parents shaped her into the grifter/con she became, and her accident would have never happened had her parents had a modicum of sense. I don't know. I don't see how she got back at Travis either.

The story was good though, I liked the drama, I liked the tension, I liked the twistedness of the characters, and I loved the passion. It was the dynamic of the two main characters that has me twisting uncomfortably in my seat wondering how much I'd forgive for a pretty face and sexy body.