Sorry it took me so long to follow back - I had class tonight. It was it's usual awesomeness with me defending being a feminist, but sprinkle in some heated rape culture talk, and it was just superfun.


OH! I forgot about how during the class the professor said that reading was a feminine things, and this one guy (who has sort of been the bane of my existence lately, though I don't think he's a horrible person or anything), started saying how it wasn't right that his niece chose to read all day instead playing outside, and that people who do stuff like that are socially awkward...and so on. So great was my rage that my skin reddened, my eyes got glassy (unshed tears lol), and I was sputtering about how I couldn't handle the discussion. There's a history that I haven't explained with the class, but  this GR bullshit, coupled with those statements were too much for me tonight.


Sigh. At least the class is almost over. ^_^