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(Reblog) Your book counter - make it fun and pretty!


One thing I was jealous of in a wooden theme was a book counter. And since I couldn't get over it, I made my own:




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(reblog) A see-through background for comment section (100% text visibility)

To make your comments more readable you may have decided to put a uniform background under a comment section. But wouldn't it be awesome to make it a opaque, so they are more readable while your background image (presumably an awesome one that you want to show off) remains visible?




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Please spread this everywhere. Reblog, reblog!
Please spread this everywhere. Reblog, reblog!

My own Note: GR would've never outright say they wouldn't associate with those nimrods.  Go Booklikes!

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STGRB & Booklikes Together? Not Likely Folks

By now many of us has seen the screen cap of Dawid (CEO of Booklikes) responding on the STGRB site. It was a quick and friendly reply to answer a question posed in their article (see screen cap of full article here).  So does this mean he supports them?  Of course not, so I think we can all turn down the alarm bells for a moment.



The STGRB wants us to believe Booklikes is on their side, but I refuse to believe it based on one post over there.  Especially when it addresses an email from Rick Carufel, a known troll himself.



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(reblog) Good Friends, We May Be in Trouble

I heard through the vine that the CEO of this site might be in cahoots with (even though it's inaccurate, I REALLY wanted to use that phrase, but now I fixed it) bowing to STGRB. At a friend's prompting, I took my proxy and went to investigate.


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Interesting, author doesn't think her book advocates rape.

"The amount of sexism, gender essentialism, and caveman logic within its pages is so appalling that it's difficult to believe that her book is anything but a cry for help."

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Reblog : A Note to "Older" Members from a Goodreads Refugee


I'm sure all these goodreads posts are of no use to existing booklikes members.  And I've seen a few postings from them wondering about all these new followers (please don't blames us -- signing up for a booklikes account makes us initially follow 25 members that booklikes assigns us.  We'll eventualy sort it out to only follow others with similar reading tastes or whose posts we enjoy).


Please don't think we all came over here to post offensive, threatening material.  Allegations of bullying, rape threats, etc. sure do make good headlines.  And good headlines go viral.

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Making a BBA blog

Emily and I are making an effort to re-gather the deleted evidence of author attacks/STGRB supporters/you get the idea, to compile a new BBA list and provide readers with the info we're no longer allowed to post on Goodreads.

If anyone has any screenshots/blog posts/general info that could be of use (showing proof of bad behavior), please let me know. You can also email us: or



(reblog) What Bullying Really Looks Like

I hate telling this story. Just the thought of doing so, of exposing my past to even a handful of other people, makes me feel sick to my stomach. But with Goodreads' change in policy occurring and the word "bullying" being slung around so casually, I think it's time. 

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[REBLOG] - [Masterpost] Customizing BookLikes

There are quite a few tutorials on how to change the layout of your BookLikes blog. I figured it's good to have them all in one post, and I'd like to thank all who put a lot of work into making them so others can enjoy BookLikes. 


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[reblog] NEW: Shelf Linked With Blog and Search Tags

We have new things for your on BookLikes :) Let us present you two brand new features and one improvement that we’ve released today. We linked your Shelf with your Blog, let you search tags and easily remove books from your Shelf.


We received many requests to link books on your Shelf with reviews on your blog. Now when you click on a book that was reviewed by you you’ll see “Review” status in a book pop up that will transfer you or anyone who visits your Shelf to review on your Blog. To make it even easier and faster we added “Reviewed” status on your Shelf where all your reviewed books are shelved.


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(reblog) Make Your Wish on BookLikes

How's your BookLikes experience so far? We hope you're enjoying your time here. We're doing our best to create perfect space for readers and authors with your help, of course. Here are several information that we felt you would like to know :)


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Sorry it took me so long to follow back - I had class tonight. It was it's usual awesomeness with me defending being a feminist, but sprinkle in some heated rape culture talk, and it was just superfun.


OH! I forgot about how during the class the professor said that reading was a feminine things, and this one guy (who has sort of been the bane of my existence lately, though I don't think he's a horrible person or anything), started saying how it wasn't right that his niece chose to read all day instead playing outside, and that people who do stuff like that are socially awkward...and so on. So great was my rage that my skin reddened, my eyes got glassy (unshed tears lol), and I was sputtering about how I couldn't handle the discussion. There's a history that I haven't explained with the class, but  this GR bullshit, coupled with those statements were too much for me tonight.


Sigh. At least the class is almost over. ^_^

Add Books Manually & Add Missing Book Covers

New BooksTwo "Add" functions are available on BookLikes from today:  add books manually and add book covers.


From now on it doesn’t matter if you want to shelve unpublished books or self-published or from a local bookstore, now you can put on your Shelf all books ever existed. It’s called manual book adding. We have it online!


If you don’t find a desirable book in a search box you can easily ‘create’ a book from the scratch.


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